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Alexandre: Lancelot of Brushes by Blanket-Devil Stargazing by Blanket-Devil New Profile-Blanket by Blanket-Devil Question 8: Sisters or cousins? by Blanket-Devil

  • 6 Alexandre
    • total Faves: 55

  • 6 Nathan
    • total Faves: 61

  • Blanket
    • total Faves: 62
  • Reen
    • total Faves: 68
  • Waki
    • total Faves: 69

[Latest Update]

  • +1 Alexandre
    • +11 Faves
  • +0 Nathan
    • +9 Faves
  • +0 Blanket
    • +10 Faves
  • +0 Reen
    • +8 Faves
  • +0 Waki
    • +8 Faves

[Newly Unlocked]

  • Alexandre
    • FLv 6 Slots (Bio)
  • Nathan

  • Blanket

  • Reen

  • Waki

[Update History]


FLv: The Fandom Level

The Idea behind it
The characters
XP and how to gain it
Special Exp and Milestone Exp
Level Range 1-10
Reaching Level 5
Active Watcher Advantage
Updating Schedule and Rules

The Idea

The idea behind this system is to let my watchers interact with my characters and connect with them. It should also help watchers stay active and have more interest in the things I do in general. The best feature for watchers will be the playful way to win prizes regularly.

The Characters

All characters that are part of this system can be found in my FLv Folder.  

XP and how to gain it

To level up the individual characters you'll need to gain XP for them. The main way to get it is by leaving a favorite on a picture that features the character you want to level. The uploads that are part of this system will include an [FLv]-tag in the first line of the description.
Note: only uploads of 2017 or later will be included in the system.

Special XP and Milestone XP

Occasionally, I will announce Special Missions with set deadlines. By doing the task that is described in the announcement, characters will gain Special XP. I won't give away what those tasks might be. Note that a Special Mission can be announced in a Status Update, Journal, Uploaded Picture, Poll, as well as in a Shared Stash Link. Basically anywhere. So be sure to keep an eye out for these missions. Once a task is found, it's allowed to share the link with other Deviants to let them join in on those missions. That way, the goal will be easier to achieve.
Milestone XP works differently. When a new Watchers/Pageview/Deviation Milestone is hit, all characters will gain a Level Up.

Level Range FLv 1-10

A character will need to reach Level 10 to unlock their Main Bio. That doesn't mean that 10 is the level cap. This chart does not include potential bonuses like Special XP and Milestone XP.

FLv         TotalFave range             Faves needed for this level
1             0-4                                 4
2             5-12                               8
3             13-24                             12
4             25-40                             16
5             41-60                             20
6             61-84                             24
7             85-112                           28
8             113-144                         32
9             145-180                         36
10           181-220                         40 

Reaching FLv 5

Once a character reaches Level 5, a Skill Tree-like Deviation will be uploaded. After a Level Up, a poll will let the watchers decide which Reference Detail to unlock next. Further details will be shared when a character reaches FLv 5.


Until a character reaches Level 10, ranking up their Bio and Reference Tree will be the main goal. It might happen that special details are uploaded when a mission is successful. Rewards and Unlockables will always be stated in descriptions or similar. Different rewards will follow after the character passes Level 10.

Active Watcher Advantage [AWA]

Whenever I post ANYTHING, it is possible that I leave a few lines for watchers. You may call this Active Watcher Advantage. Those lines contain limited rewards like Free Drawings and Points. To get a chance on the available slots for these rewards, you should make sure to be quick.

Updating Schedule and Rules

The Character Level will be updated once a week. That will most likely happen during weekends. Characters may only grow one level per week. In case a character gains enough XP to achieve two or more Level Ups within seven days, each Level Up will happen a week after the previous one. The reason for this, is to prevent too many details being revealed at once.

I just started doing commissions, so I set a price of 50 points

So if you want a picture like this, please comment below.

Please drop some details in the comment as well like:

◘ Name of your Squid

◘ His/Her Charakter (Cheeky, cool, childish)

◘ Example pictures
◘ Light or dark background
◘ Other details that might be important

New Profile-Blanket by Blanket-DevilPoint Commission: Chaos by Blanket-Devil


1 :iconneonstryker:

Inksona by NeonStryker


Ben - Reference by NeonStryker


Splatastic Squids - Gab App by NeonStryker


Atlas by NeonStryker

5 :iconadmiral-bg:

(Ref chart) Splatoon ~ B.G. by Admiral-BG


Reference sheet (Calcal/TPCallie) (UPDATED) by TPCallieTheEdgySquid


8 :iconthat-motoring-freak:
Gift For Zodiac-Dragoness by that-motoring-freak

9 :iconlukasbf:

10  :iconlukasbf:
Transparent by moneysexual


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